The TOYO VX125 series is the large format photographer's dream come true. Every large format studio photographer will love the precision, extensive movement, and great versatility the VX125 delivers in the field. Every field camera enthusiast will appreciate the extra movement with wide angle lenses, greater precision, complete range of modular accessories and the ability to use long telephotos - all in a very portable and stable camera.

The VX125 is available in three versions:
The original VX125 in jade green metallic finish, the new VX125b in matte black finish, or the new, more economical VX125R, identical to the deluxe versions, except featuring manual rise control and fixed 125mm basic monorail.

The TOYO VX125 merges the rock solid stability, full movement capability, geared precision and system compatibility of a modular monorail studio camera...with the compactness, ultra-light weight and total portability of a true 4x5 field camera. A remarkable achievement!

The VX125 combines unsurpassed hand- machined precision, space age materials and computer-aided design with the practical, yet elegant features every photographer will appreciate. Its robust, unique 39mm diameter monorail telescopes from 250mm down to 125mm (10" to 5") bringing it to a compact 12x9x5", small enough to fit into a briefcase or backpack.

The telescoping VX monorail locks in three positions and also features a handy quick release mounting plate for fast and secure tripod mounting and dismounting in the field. For unlimited extension, all TOYO G/GX monorails, mounting blocks, bellows and intermediate standards can be used with the compact VX125 frames, because the VX125 is part of the TOYO modular system.

Ergonomically designed soft rubber grips cover hand-machined control knobs. Ball bearing click stop detents and silky smooth, yet positive, metal geared movements put you in total control. Under its sleek jade green outdoor finish, or black matte studio finish, the VX series aerospace alloy material gives complete strength and rigidity in a mere 5.5 pounds (2.5kg).

The VX125R comes with a compact 125mm basic monorail, which accepts Toyo G series extension rails.

The TOYO Revolving Back
A critical, yet frequently overlooked component of most view cameras is its back, where the image is formed by the lens and the photographer's imagination, and where precision and freedom of vision are a must.

The VX125's 360° revolving back can be locked into any position for unrestricted and fast composition, unlike common revolving backs that lock only vertically or horizontally. Its brilliant acid-etched ground glass and built-in TOYO Super-Brite fresnel lens give clear, unrestricted viewing with even corner-to-corner illumination without old-fashioned, black grid lines, disturbing cut corners or fresnel lens frames blocking the full 4x5 area. The graflock-type back accepts Polaroid holders, roll film holders and even 6x12cm panoramic backs. Folding, monocular and reflex focusing hood accessories from the TOYO modular G system readily fit the VX125 back.

Unlike wooden cameras, the VX125's all-metal revolving back provides a precise film plane and protects the camera interior from the elements when in the field. It also eliminates the chance of accidentally dropping a reversible back when shifting from vertical to horizontal.

Ready for Wide Angle, Telephoto or Close-Up Challenges
The interchangeable VX Ultra-FlexTM bellows supplied with the VX125 and VX125R will accommodate lenses from superwide 45mm to 400mm telephoto. It uses a new urethane Ultra-Flex material, providing complete flexibility needed for full movement with wide angle lenses. Optional bellows and monorails will allow use of any focal length lens or any magnification.

Two ingenious, compact 30mm extension caps provided with the TOYO VX125 allow focusing down to 10 feet (3m) with standard 300mm lenses or 400mm telephoto lenses. Life size 1:1 macro work can be performed with 150mm lenses, and close focusing to 3 feet (1m) can be achieved without changing bellows or monorail, even with a 210mm lens.

The VX125R accepts Toyo G series extension rails. An optional 250mm extension rail is recommended for use with the VX bellows and lenses up to 300mm.

The VX125 and VX125R accommodate lenses down to a superwide 58mm on a flat lens board, and lenses down to 45mm with a large 158mm square recessed lens board. The easy accessibility of all lens controls, coupled with a 360° revolving back, geared focus, geared rise and shift on both front and rear standards, gives you unprecedented freedom and precision. (VX125R features manual rise on both front and rear). Optional TOYO G/GX ultra-wide bag bellows are available for unusual tabletop studio situations. For 500mm and longer telephoto lenses, the TOYO G/GX 750mm long bellows along with TOYO G/GX extension rails may be used with the VX frames. Landscape and scenic photographers who backpack with long telephoto lenses will find this modular system capability and rock-solid design a dream, especially in comparison to unsteady, overextended wooden 4x5s.

The TOYO VX125 series. Truly large format dream cameras. For every photographic challenge and situation.

- VX ultra light alloy all metal construction
- Interchangeable VX Ultra-Flex normal/wide bellows allow use of lenses from 58mm-300mm on flat lens board. Recessed lens board allows use of 45-55mm lenses
- VX yaw-free base tilt operation
- TOYO 360° revolving back with acid-etched glass and fresnel
- Fully geared rise, shift and microfine focus on front and rear
- Built-in quick-release base plate with 1/4" socket
- VX Ultra-Flex normal/wide bellows
- TOYO revolving graflok-type back (accepts all 4x5 cut film holders, Kodak Readyload, Polaroid and 6x7, 6x9 and 6x12 roll film holders)
- TOYO Super-Brite fresnel lens
- TOYO acid-etched grid ground glass with 6x7cm and 6x9cm markings
- Bi-axial spirit levels, front and rear
- Deluxe VX front and rear standards with geared focus, shift and rise (VX125 & VX125b only)
- Basic VX front and rear standards with geared focus, shift and manual rise (VX125R only)
- Interchangeable 125-250mm telescoping VX monorail (VX125 & VX125b only)
- Interchangeable VXR 125mm compact basic monorail (VX125R only)
- Interchangeable VXR 40mm compact tripod mounting block (VX125R only)
- Two (2) 30mm compact extension caps (VX125 & VX125b only)
- Quick-release tripod mounting plate with 1/4" sockets (optional for VX125R)
- Compact ABS custom fitted case (optional)

Technical Specifications VX125
Camera Back360° revolving360° revolving
Geared Rise front & rear70mm --
Manual Rise front & rear --70mm
Geared Shift front & rear70mm70mm
Manual Swing front & rear 50°50°
Base Tilt front & rear40°50°
Interchangeable bellowsYesYes
VX Telescoping 125-250mm Monorailincluded --
VXR 125mm Basic Rail --included
Quick Release Base Plate includedoptional
Maximum Extension standard equipped using (2) 30mm VX extension caps324mm125mm
Longest Lens with VX Bellows 300mm / 400T300mm / 400T*
Minimum focus w/210mm lens 3 feet3 feet*
Shortest Lens with flat lens board58mm58mm
Shortest Lens with Recessed LB45mm45mm
Weight 5.5 lbs 5.9 lbs
Dimensions12" x 9" x 5"12" x 9" x 5"
*using optional extension rails
USA Cat #180-125 Item: TOYO-VIEW VX125 Studio/Field Camera - jade green
USA Cat #180-123 Item: TOYO-VIEW VX125b Studio/Field Camera - matte black
USA Cat #180-124 Item: TOYO-VIEW VX125R Studio/Field Camera - matte black

TOYO VX Series Cameras include:
- Toyo 360° Non-Vignetting Revolving graflock back
- Acid Etched Grid Ground Glass
- Toyo Super-briteTM Fresnel Lens
- VX Yaw-free base tilt design
- Fully geared shift and micro focus on front and rear
- Interchangeable VX Ultra-FlexTM urethane bellows provides complete flexibility needed for full movement with wide angle lenses
- All TOYO G/GX monorails, mounting blocks, bellows and intermediate standards can be used with the compact VX125 frames as part of the TOYO modular system
- Folds to compact 12x9x5", weighs approximately 5.5 lbs.
- Ergonomically designed soft rubber grips cover hand-machined control knobs
- Optional bellows and monorails will allow use of any focal length lens or any magnification
- Bi-axial spirit levels, front and rear
- Fully geared rise with ball bearing click stop mechanism (VX125 deluxe only)
- Manual rise with independent locks (VX125R only)
- VX 125mm-250mm Telescoping monorail locks in three positions (VX125 deluxe only)
- Handy quick release 1/4" Tripod mounting plate (VX125 deluxe only)
- VX-R 125mm Compact Basic Monorail (VX125R only)
- VX-R 40mm 1/4" Compact Tripod Mounting Block (VX125R only)


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