Technically speaking,
the price is impossible


Never before has a professional 4x5 camera been available at such an extraordinary price.
Unlike limited, entry level 4x5's, the 45CX is a full featured system camera. It grows as your needs grow. The 45CX is compatible with Toyo modular system accessories, as well as roll film and digital backs from many other manufacturers. Reserve yours today at your local dealer. Or for more information, contact Toyo Professional Division.

1. Reversible Graflok type back. 2. Center tilt design with full range of movement: rise, tilt, swing, fall and shift. 3. Large ergonomic control knobs with independent locks. 4. Rigid, interchangeable 18", 39mm ¯ monorail with alignment guide. 5. Interchangeable normal/wide tapered Flexilastú Bellows. 6. Tripod mounting block for 1/4 and 3/8 sockets. 7. Micro-fine geared focus on front and rear. 8. Rear dual axis spirit level. 9. Lens board included.
Rugged, light alloy and polycarbonate construction.
Compact, portable design.

Accepts Toyo Modular System Accessories including lens boards and adapters, bellows, monorails, backs, viewing hoods.

Tiltfront 45+45¡rear 45+45¡
Swingfront 30+30¡rear 30+30¡
Risefront 80mmrear 80mm
Shiftfront 30+30mmrear 45+45mm
Focusingfront gearedrear geared
Min. Extension80mm w/flat lens board 67.5mm w/recessed 12.5mm board
Max. Extension445mm 

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