The new Toyo 45CX features all movements expected of a versatile monorail view camera. Utilizing the standard Toyo 39mm diameter 18" base rail with micro focusing, its interchangeable bellows permit the camera to be folded into a very compact package when taken from the studio to outside locations.

Both front and rear standards offer center 45 tilt movements, 30 swing movements, and 80mm rise. The shift movement of the front standard is 30mm. The rear standard's is 45mm. The minimum bellows extension is 80mm with a flat lensboard, 76.5mm with a 12.5mm recessed board.

Its reversible Graflok type back accepts all 4x5 cutfilm holders, Kodak Readyload and Polaroid 4x5, as well as 6x7 and 6x9 rollfilm holders.

The rear standard also features a dual axis spirit level.

Balloon bellows, for wide angle photography and most of the Toyo modular system accessories can also be attached to this model.

All this in a modern view camera, which will have a "street price" of about $600, will make the Toyo 45CX an exciting tool for established as well as aspiring professional photographers.

General Information
Versatile, economical, full-movement view camera for studio, location and field. Compact frame and tapered bellows design. Rugged and light alloy and polycarbonate construction. Compact, portable design Rear Dual Axis Spirit Level, Rigid Interchangeable 450mm (39mm diameter) monorail with alignment guide.

Interchangeable Bellows Tapered Normal / Wide Design accepts lenses down to 90mm Toyo Flexilast™ Material Optional Wide Angle Bag Bellows.

Micro Fine Geared Focus on front & rear Tilt, Swing, Rise, Fall on front and rear Center tilt Design maintains focus and composition as you tilt.

Camera Back
Reversible Vertical/Horizontal Graflok Type Accepts all 4x5 cut film holders, Kodak Readyload®, Polaroid® 4x5, and all roll film holders - 6x7cm, 6x9cm, 6x12cm with Graflock fitting.

Tiltfront 45+45rear 45+45
Swingfront 30+30rear 30+30
Risefront 80mmrear 80mm
Shiftfront 30+30mmrear 45+45mm
Focusingfront gearedrear geared
Min. Extension80mm w/flat lens board 67.5mm w/recessed 12.5mm board
Max. Extension445mm 

System Accessories

- Lens Boards Flat, Recessed (for Wide Angle Lenses) or predrilled.
- Compendium Lens Hoods with Gelatin Filter Holder
- Interchangeable Bellows Standard and Wide Angle
- Groundglass Focusing Aids: Fresnel Lens, Focusing Hoods, with and without Magnifiers
- Interchangeable Holders and Backs: Cut Film Holders, Roll Film Holders, Polaroid Holders, Digital Backs

Features and specifications subject to change without notice

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