Monorail System Camera Features:
- Versatile, economical, full-movement view camera for studio and location use
- Polycarbonate frames and base blocks offer light and rugged construction with
 geared rise and focus movements
- Features fixed 450mm interchangeable 39mm diameter monorail
- Non-vignetting 360° Revolving Back with Easyload Bail Arm accepts all type cut film,
 Polaroid 545 & 550 holders, 6x7, 6x9 and 6x12cm roll film holders
- Wide frame design utilizes 158mm square lens boards and minimizes internal vignetting.
- Portable (9 lbs., folds flat with bellows detached)
- Interchangeable 450mm Monorail, 39mm diameter
- Uses all TOYO G system accessories including interchangeable wide angle and long bellows
- Rack and pinion Micro-fine focusing
- Center tilt maintains focus as you tilt
- 120mm geared rise
- Independent shift
- Independent locks on all movements

Technical Specifications
Camera Back360° revolving
Rise front & rear120mm
Shift front & rear90mm
Swing front & rear360°
Center Tilt front & rear96°
Interchangeable bellowsYes
Weight9 lbs.
Extendable MonorailOptional
Maximum Extension standard equipped449mm
Longest Lens with Standard Bellows360mm
Shortest Lens with flat Lens Board90mm
Longest lens for Recessed LB & WA Bellows recommended for max. movement90mm
Shortest Lens with Recessed LB45mm

NOTE: TOYO GB & G/GX monorails may be used on TOYO 45C camera in place of the fixed 450mm monorail.
USA Cat #180-104. Int'l # (87). Item TOYO-VIEW 45C Monorail System Camera.

- Non-Vignetting 360° Revolving Back with Easy load Bail Arm
- Grid Ground Glass with 6x7 & 6x9cm markings
- Quick Release Mounting Block with 1/4" and 3/8" tripod sockets
- Interchangeable 450mm Universal Monorail
- Pre-drilled #0 Lens Board
- Dual axis spirit level on rear standard


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