The Toyo Field 45AII offers the best of possibilities with exceptional valuein a full-featured, portable, ruggged and lightweight 4x5 technical fieldcamera. Weighing a mere 6.1 lbs., and folding to a compact 4.2" x 7.4"x 8.2", it combines modern alloy durability with classic design. Itperforms with the precision and convenience of a refined camera system fordemanding pros as well as discriminating fine art photographers. Using handcraftsmanship, and over forty years of manufacturing expertise, Toyo achievesunparalleled precision and stability for rock-solid performance with the45AII. It offers a full range of camera movements, and unique features suchas polymer coated parts for precision smoothness and Toyo's 360° revolvingback. The 45AII shares many versatile accessories with the complete lineof Toyo modular studio monorail cameras.

Movements for Creative Image Control
The 45AII offers creative image control ideal for field use, as well asmany studio applications. The front standard offers rise, swing, tilt andshift. The rear offers tilt and swing. With these controls, correction ofdistortion, adjustment of depth of field, and manipulation of selectivefocus are all possible.

Drop Bed Design for Wide Angle Lenses
Convenient operation is an essential advantage when considering a fieldcamera. The 45AII offers a unique design combining compact frame, taperedbellows and drop bed displacement. This combination allows convenient useof wide angle lenses with a full range of movement. Unlike many other viewcameras, the popular 90mm wide angle focal length can be used on a flatlens board offering easy access to all lens controls. The built-in taperedbellows eliminates the need for interchanging with wide angle bellows -an operation that can be a nuisance in the field, inviting dust and dirtinside the camera. The drop bed design allows unrestricted use of all wideangle lenses down to 45mm without unsightly obstruction of the camera'sfront edge in the picture.

Telephoto and Macro Extension
The 45AII's double extension bed and track are polymer coated for smooth,precise action and long-life regardless of shooting conditions. The micro-finerack and pinion focusing front bed provides silky smooth focusing even witha heavy lens. The rear extension rides on two rails that can be easily adjustedto maintain a stable position for use with telephotos or long extensions.Control knobs are all-metal with rubber covering for easy grip with or withoutgloves. The camera's full 324mm extension allows use of 150mm lenses for1:1 life size macro work, or wide angle lenses for greater than 2x lifesize. A standard 210mm lens can be focused to 3.5 feet (1/2x life-size)for exceptional portraits and close-ups. Even a telephoto design 360mm,or standard design 300mm can be focused to ten feet for complete versatilityin landscape work. When extreme close-ups are required, or an extreme telephotolens is used, an optional 100mm extension back is available. It offers rock-solidextension and comfortable balance with heavier telephoto lenses.

Revolving Back for Function and Convenience
Changing from vertical to horizontal framing is a breeze with Toyo's 360°revolving back. No worry of dropping a conventional reversible back, orallowing outside elements to enter the camera when changing position. Aneasy-lift bail arm allows fast and secure insertion of sheet film, Polaroid®and many roll film holders without disturbance of camera settings or removalof the ground glass frame. For complete versatility, the 45AII back alsofeatures Graflok fittings for use with any type of film holder. Toyo's ownacid-etched ground glass reveals translucent centimeter grid lines and discreetreference markings for 6x7cm and 6x9cm roll film formats. This permits criticalcomposition and freedom from distracting black lines common on most 4x5screens. The grids and markings even simplify composition with creative6x12cm panoramic format. The 45AII revolving back includes a precision factory-installedToyo Super-Brite fresnel lens in front of the ground glass. This enableseven illumination and consistent precision focusing. This combination alsoallows full corner-to-corner viewing, unlike most other camera screens thatcut out the corners of the picture area.

- Classic precision all-metal folding field camera
- 6 lbs light, portable
- Built-in tapered 12 3/4" bellows allows use of lenses from
 47mm - 300mm without need for bag bellows
- Accepts 90mm lens on flat lens board
- Built-in double extension bed
- Drop Bed Design for wide angle lenses
- Optional 4" extension backs for macro & lenses up to 500mm Telephoto
- Non-vignetting 360° Revolving Back accepts all type cut film, Polaroid545 & 550 holders,
 6x7, 6x9 and 6x12cm roll film holders
- Uses TOYO system accessories
- All metal rubber covered GX control knobs
- All Black Pro Finish
- Rear base tilt and swing
- Front base tilt, shift, rise and swing
- Teflon coated Rack and Pinion fine focusing

CameraBack360° revolving
Manual Front Rise41mm
Manual Front Shift7+7mm
Swing front/rear8°+8°/8°+8°
Base Tilt front & rear90°+15°
Tapered bellowsYes
Double extension dropbed designdrops 15°
Maximum bellows drawwith rear extension324mm
Maximum draw with (2)4" extension backs524mm
Longest Lens withmaximum bellows draw300mm / 400T
Minimum focuswith 210mm lens3 feet
Shortest Lens with flatLens Board90mm
Shortest Lens with Recessed LB58mm
Weight 6.2 lbs.
Folded Dimensions7.5x 8 x 4"
USA Cat # 180-224. Int'l# (120).

Camera includes:
- Non-Vignetting 360° Revolving Back with Easy Load Bail Arm
- Acid-etched Grid Ground Glass with 6x7 & 6x9cm markings
- Super Brite Fresnel Lens
- 1/4" and 3/8" interchangeable tripod sockets
- 4x5 Folding Focusing Hood
- Copal #0 110mm flat lens board
- Accessory shoe on body


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